Best camping cost 2016 reviews

Best Camping Cot 2016 Reviews

Folding camping cot how to choose camping cotsTraveling is one of the most popular elements for people to clear out all the stressful time and things in their daily life. For certain people, they would like to travel all over to the world and experience sightseeing and shopping. For another group of people, they would love to clear their stress through the picnic, go fishing … which is really close to nature, if they wish to overnight and survive through a night, other than hotels, they would also love to use travel tents.

But before you decide to buy a tent, it might be a lot of problems you want to have accurately answer and consulting whether to purchase any type of tent, quality, size, price …? Here, the article will summarize the best tent cot and most useful information, and also believe that the user and you are very interested.

What is camping cot?

What is camping cot

The camping cot is a construction material with a relatively small size, typically constructed and poorly designed. usually covered only consists of sheets of fabric or other material are suspended, the column with a frame or tie into a rope and is often used as a shelter or temporary accommodation or field.

Tent fabric can be made of many materials including cotton (canvas), nylon, polyester it can become very heavy when wet but dry easily.

Camping is a type of tourism accommodation facilities close to nature as possible. Camping is the active outdoor recreation in which the participants called the camper want to stay away from developed economic and social country to get the pleasure from nature while experiencing one or two nights at a camping area. This outdoor activity might consist a tent, and/or an artless structure.

What to look for?

As we all know, the price and quality are two factors stick together as a team to create a perfect product, unless you have loads of money and you don’t mind to spend on it without too many considerations.

If you recently started the first camping and not sure whether you have continued camping in future or not, select medium tent with reasonable price and average quality. However, certain tent cots do not have a high function of water resistant factor, therefore you should decide the particular camping areas. Your tent cot model would likely rely on your camping area. Especially some places are severe weather conditions, wet, and rain storms.

The size and weight of the tent

Coleman Ridgeline III Camp Bed Folding Camping Cot

Each travel tent has clearly stated it is kind of the tent reserved for a number of people (2, 4, 6, …). However, the size of the tent is usually calculated so that fits with the numbers to minimize the weight that a person must carry.

So, if you travel 2 and select the type of tent 2, you will definitely find offensive because of not enough tents comfortably about both horizontally, vertically, yet as of backpacks, furniture. In fact, the kind of tent 4 people only fit 2 adults and 2 children.

If the whole family, a large group of friends often travel together, you should consider buying large tents. However, remember that the type of this tent does not keep warm and firm compare over the small tents.

Also need to remember that the tent size proportional to the weight, so the tent as possible to you to carry heavier.

The shape of tents

Tent designs are directly affected by your trip comfort and survival factors as if it is handy with just the right size and removing, simpler installation.

The materials

Kamp-Rite double tent cot.


Waterproof tent cot usually designed and made from heavy duty material, but it might be sweating the user during hot weather. The lightweight tent which focuses more on a breathable matter. So, depending on the destination that you choose and select how the material of the tent you want to. Further, look for the comfortable mattress to optimal the level of coziness for your trip.

Although you have already determined your destination and purpose, it still blurs you out among diversities of camping cot designs and usages. Therefore, here are top 5 camping cot tents for you as references.

The TETON XXL Sports Outfitter

Getting to Know Your Outfitter XXL Cot

This can be defined as an all-purpose camping tent and listed as a top review in camping tent cot. This 26 lbs.’ designed cot is sufficient sustainable around 600 pounds. It is not mentioned to the factor of durability because it goes beyond the quality with a lifetime warranty.

  • Size: 85 inches’ x 40 inches’ x 19 inches
  • Easy setup and take off
  • Materials: the frame made with aluminum and leg with steel, heavy duty canvas.

The Coleman ComfortSmart (TM)

Coleman Comfortsmart Cot

The second listed product is known as Coleman ComfortSmart with the sustainable amount to 275 pounds. After a long day hiking and you want something to provide comfort, this might be the one for you since it offers thick mattress in the cot to maximize the coziness level.

  • Size: 69 inches’ x 25 inches’ x 15 inches
  • Material: heavy duty frame of steel
  • One-year warranty

The Coleman pack-away w/ side table cot

Coleman Pack-Away Cot with Side Table

This is a perfectly camping cot for people to travel and enjoy their view. It offers the capability level of 300 pounds, level up the comfort since it provides extra wide and extra long (8 in 6 ft.).

  • Extra side table for foods and drinks along
  • Heavy duty material as touch polyester with steel frame
  • Easily set up and fold

The Milliard Lightweight 74” x 31” Folding Cot and/or Bed with Mattress tent cot

Milliard Lightweight Folding Bed with Mattress

This is a coziness and dependable cot, heavy as its name. With the comfortable mattress of 4 inches make you bed-like feel.

  • Easy setup and assembly
  • Size: 74 inches’ x 31 inches suitable for any size
  • Reasonable price

The Kamp-Rite Oversize Kwik

This is being referred as must have camping cot or some people use it as an extra bed in the room since it is comfortable (twin mattresses), wide, long and secure enough.

  • 2 minutes’ setup time
  • Perfect size as a usual standard bed with 84 inches’ x 33 inches
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • capability: 400 pounds

The VIVO Cot, Portable for Camping, Folding, Fold up Bed, Military Style with Bag

VIVO Cot, Green Fold up Bed, Folding, Portable for Camping, Military Style

This cot is either use for outdoor or indoor since it is the similarity to your comfort home bed. With the outstanding weight of 12 lbs., make it becomes more convenience for people to travel.

  • Size: 75 inches’ x 25 inches’ x 18 inches
  • Capability: 250 pounds
  • Made with aluminum frame and steel leg materials
  • water- proof
  • Easy setup and storage

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